Monica Anne Achberger

Petal to the Metal,
oil, 11"x14"
Purchase Award 2020
Memorial Hospital

"As I paint, often on location, en plein air, I am drawn to creating my personal response and interpretation of the places I have been. The uplifting emotions of my paintings mirror my positive outlook on life."

Monica Anne Achberger is a vivacious painter using an impressionistic style. Her paintings are full of uplifting emotional energy that vibrate with colors that dance across the canvas, inviting you to destinations near and far.

In 1998, Monica received a kidney transplant from her husband. This life-changing event rekindled her life’s true passion - oil painting. Having a second chance at life re-awakened her dream of becoming a fine artist, giving her a renewed sense of purpose and the ability to find great joy in everyday life. In the years since, Monica has participated in numerous fine art shows and competitions. She hopes that through her work people will be inspired to pursue their dreams, no matter what challenges life puts in their way.